Schools Participating In Walk The World

Walk the World is the opportunity for your school to discover its local connections to different countries.

Whether your school is a primary or secondary, located in the city centre or the countryside, Walk the World is an engaging resource for teaching and learning.

By joining this project you will:

  • Discover more about the geography and history of your local area
  • Investigate how your neighbourhood has been changed and influenced by connections with countries from across the world
  • Add an exciting learning opportunity to your School Travel Plan, Walk to School Week events or Empty Classroom Day
  • And have the chance to submit your own information about your local area

Walk the World provides opportunities for pupils, of whatever age, to take part. There are three different and complementary ways to join in: Find, Explore and Walk.


We want you to find evidence in your local area that shows the links you have with different countries.

It might be in your local shops, street names, plants in the local park, or the people who live in your area. Once you’ve found a link, and hopefully you will find lots, you should make a note of the feature and its location (ideally with a post code), take a photo if possible and send it through to us.


On our map of the UK you can view the links we’ve found already between places in the UK and countries around the world.

If these features are near where you live, you could go and visit them yourself. If you don’t see any features for your neighbourhood do go and find some and submit them to help us to fill in the blanks.


You can Walk the World for real by creating a walk in your local area to show all the connections it has to different countries.

We’ve already created some walks to show what you might do and we’d be delighted to have schools submit their own walks.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a class or individual project, and we will be publishing a selection on the website. There is lots of advice for how to create a walk and plan the route; and remember to make it as interesting as possible!