Inspire Others By Creating Your Own Walk

This is the ultimate challenge! When you go out finding links and exploring links that other people have found to different countries in your local area, you might like to think of creating a walk to showcase your neighbourhood.

Tips for creating a walk

To create a walk you need four ingredients:

  1. You need evidence of good links to at least 15 other countries in an area that you can comfortably walk around; and to know the stories behind those links.  The links become the points of interest on the walk.
  2. You need to plan the route between the points of interest so that the walk is easy and fun to follow, and to make a map of that route. Ideally the walk starts and ends at the same place. We suggest using the Ordnance Survey Get a Map service to create your route. It’s free to register and use the site.
  3. You need, ideally, a theme to the walk. This theme will tie together the stories at the points of interest and help you to create a more interesting walk for the user.
  4. Finally, you will need to write a commentary for the walk, and this will include the stories at each point of interest, and the directions for how to get to the next point of interest on the walk. If you can attach some photos of points of interest that would be really good too.

It is generally easier to create walks in towns or cities as they will tend to have more points of interest, but it is by no means impossible to create country walks that illustrate the UK’s links to different countries such as the walk we created in the village Walsham le Willows in Suffolk.

Try getting your family or friends to test the walk for you and they may have some good ideas about how to improve it.

Please send us your completed walk, using the form below and uploading the walk commentary as a word file. We will put a selection on this website, so that everyone can enjoy them!