Schools Participating In Walk The World

Walk the World is the opportunity for your school to discover its local connections to different countries. Whether your school is a primary or secondary, located in the city centre or the countryside, Walk the World is an engaging resource for teaching and learning. By joining this project you will: Discover more about the geography […]

The World Is All Around You

Just look – the world is all around you There are more than 200 countries in the world. The challenge is to find physical evidence of links to them all. Getting started There were three easy steps: Look around and discover features in your neighbourhood that link to a particular country. Remember, we were looking for things […]

Find, Explore and Walk

Discover the UK’s connections to different countries around the world and find out how these nations and their people have shaped our surroundings, often in surprising ways. Join us in the challenge to find connections, explore your local area and create walks which take you around the world without leaving the UK. Walk the World […]