Top 3 of the best ways of travelling around the UK

When most people think of exploring the UK, they think of the bigger cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool, but what about the stunning coastlines and countryside that the UK has to offer? Contact us today.

Begin your UK adventure from £26

Hiring a campervan is by far the most creative way of experiencing the culture of the UK as you don’t have to worry about accommodation fees as it is all included inside your motor home for the holiday.

You can pick up a campervan from your local pick up point including London, Somerset, Devon and Wales at a time that suits you and you can begin your adventure straight away. Campervans are great value for money as you can travel around the UK with ease. See what’s available.

Although the UK has an amazing bus and train system, there are places that just cannot be beaten by travelling by campervan. Travel to the Cotswolds to view the scenic tiny villages and enjoy a warm welcome from the locals.

Travel across the UK for under £10

England is home to two of the best universities in the world, and what’s a trip to England without even visiting one? Well, it’s easier than ever before as you can take a bus to Oxford for just £1! Megabus often has promotions for £1 tickets from a range of locations in the UK. Buy your tickets.

In addition to this, you can travel to Scotland’s popular cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow for under £10. Travelling by bus will allow you to enjoy the stunning views from the window. Find out about Glasgow’s transport.

Save up to 40% on air travel

Despite England being a small island, it is sometimes quicker to fly to places such as Cornwall and can be cheaper than train travel. Cornwall is one of the UK’s most stunning coastlines and it is a must see place for everybody. You can reach Cornwall in less than an hour for only £19, click here for more information.